Event Speakers


Vince Vitale – Prayer Breakfast

Vince Vitale is Director of the Zacharias Institute. It was during his undergraduate studies in philosophy at Princeton that Vince took an unexpected journey from skeptic to evangelist. He has commended the Christian faith on the campuses of many universities, including UC Berkeley, Johns Hopkins, Carnegie Mellon, Princeton, Oxford, and Cambridge. This past year he had the privilege of speaking at Google Headquarters and Passion City Church. Vince is incredibly grateful to be married to Jo, who also works with RZIM as the Dean of Studies for the Zacharias Institute.

Webpage: https://www.rzim.org/speakers/vince-vitale


Maranatha Weeks – Leadership Dinner

Maranatha Weeks is a 26-year-old emergency nurse in Quebec and works globally with Samaritan’s Purse on the Disaster Assistance Response Team. She was part of the rescue efforts in Ecuador, Haiti, Bangladesh (with the Rohingya refugees), and on the front lines of the war with ISIS in Iraq. She is the author of, From the Plains of Nineveh: A Nurse on the Front Lines of Mosul, released in December 2018. She is a wife and mother.

Maranatha Weeks – Leadership Dinner

Webpage: https://frontlinesofmosul.com/   Blog: https://medium.com/@maranatha7